Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny Weekend!

We had a great time at the coast! It was so nice to get out and go play. The weather was just beautiful and the sun felt so warm on the old bones! As a matter of fact, Friday afternoon, I got a little too much sun because my face and neck got burnt. Of course, I didn't realize that until Friday evening!

This first picture is the ancient cedar forest in Neskowin, that has appeared from the recent winter storms! It is unbelieveable to think the sand is usually covering these roots and stumps and we are normally walking on top of them. I'm sure it won't be long until they are covered again! It was very cool to see! In the foreground you can see a creek that Mark got across (actually quite wide, past his knees in depth, rocky, and very cold swift water) to see it up close and take more pictures. Of course, the best picture to share with you really was this one without having to cross the creek! ;-) At least to show you the bigger scope!

This is me waiting on the safe side! I wanted to go but asked him how many years he thought it had been since he gave me a piggy back ride and did he really think we'd make it across in one piece (with me on his back, my purse, and camera too) without both of us going down! I decided and was content to wait on the other side!!!

We stopped and took pictures at Boiler Bay.

This is Whale Cove. They are both really beautiful and breathtaking!

And, are those chip stealing seagulls you were talking about! They just cleaned up the bag of chips that some people dumped on the beach before they left for the day!!! ;-)
And, what is it with men?! Mark thought he'd go down and see if he couldn't pick up that rock for us and bring it home! We like to collect rocks, especially with moss, and bring them home to our yard. But normally they are from a creek in the forest and the truck is parked about 15-20' away. He seriously thought he'd pick this boulder up, hike it about 300 yards and up a flight of stairs, and throw it into the back of the truck! I laughed so hard, I was crying!!! If you look close, his left foot is literally sinking into the sand from the shear weight of the thing! He tried to move from this point and start that 300 yard trek, held that rock for a minute, before it stayed exactly right where it wanted to be! What was he thinking???

Now, after barely recovering...and still purple...would you look at the monument he had to make with that rock that defeated him!!! Good Lord, help me! I waited patiently for him to deposit that rock in his hand, the one we would bring home, into the back of the truck and get back to our room. I promptly asked him, "what were you thinking?" Of course, he didn't understand what I was talking about, so I told him to go take a look from the balcony at the art that he left on the beach for all to see! ;-)

The sunset both nights we were there were beautiful! I especially loved this shot with the seagull flying through!

Sunday morning we woke up to the regular weather that we usually have this time of year in Oregon. That little bit of blue sky lasted about two minutes and the rest of the day stayed gray and cloudy. But we soaked in the glorious weather that we had for two days. We took one last walk on the beach in the afternoon, poked around town a little more, and stopped for Mexican dinner before it was time to head back home!

The highlight of Saturday though was that I got to meet, in person, and visit with Bobbi Kirk, known to many as beadbabe49, of Beading at the Beach. I wanted to go to the bead shop in Newport since we were there and pick up a few trinkets to bring home. I thought that Bobbi owned Nye Cottage Beads and while I was shopping, I thought if she was there I'd introduce myself. Come to find out, she doesn't own the shop but she teaches there and had just left to go gallery sit for the Visual Arts Center a few blocks away. I told the owner that I frequent her blog and that I just was going to introduce myself and say hello. She told me I should go and do that, it was only down the street. I don't know what got into me, but after I purchased some goodies, I asked Mark if he wouldn't mind stopping for a minute. It is totally unlike me to do this...but I told myself to put myself out and instead of feeling intimidated and bypassing the opportunity like I normally would, just do it!

Once we found her and I introduced myself and Mark...we had the nicest conversation! We shared art, beading, the BJP, mutual friends, the Pink Artist squares, Bead It Forward, and visited about blog land. She is as sweet, thoughtful, and down to earth as I thought! She is a real treasure!

Her beadwork is beautiful and I even got to see and hold a couple of her Basho series pieces in my hands! They are outstanding! The whole series, when complete, is going to be in a showing in August, down at the coast. It would be a perfect time to escape to the coast again and get to see the completed series in person! We are looking forward to being there!

Her husband also showed up and we enjoyed meeting him and visiting a little longer. I can't tell you how glad I was that we stopped by. I feel very privileged to have met her! Besides our great weekend, she made my day on Saturday! I asked for her forgiveness in just showing up unannounced, in my grubs, no makeup and sunburned to boot! But I wouldn't have traded our visit for anything! She is such an me and so many others!

I also signed up for the 2008 BJP last week. I am a little nervous, but I really am looking forward to it. I think the challenge and growth I'll gain from it will be wonderful! I have followed and enjoyed this year's BJP immensely!

I wanted to introduce you to Oliver Wendell! I adopted him from the lovely Pat Winter of Gatherings. I have been working on some dolls for the Comfort Doll Project and visited her blog and saw her latest "Inner Child" and fell in love with him. I purchased him from Pat and he is absolutely Darling! Oliver Wendell is Lisa's husband from Green Acres! I watched this show when I was little too! As a matter of fact, I had a hard time getting the song out of my head since I fell in love with him! ;-) Pat's handwork is beautiful, he smells heavenly, and I will shelter him from any harm! If you have time visit her Etsy shop she has wonderful items and fun kits to try!

Because bead embroidery is so time and labor intensive, and I like to bead during the day when my eyes are at their best, I find it helpful to have other projects that are less intense to work on in the evening when being with my husband. Because I wanted to donate some dolls and time to Pat's very worthy cause, I decided that I would make some Dotee dolls that I always thought were so darling! I knew these wouldn't be too time consuming and thought their faces were simple with a warm expression for the cause. Plus, the icing on the cake will be the embellishing! ;-) I would like to thank Dot of My Life, My Values, My Art, for sharing her pattern with everyone! These Dotee dolls have been being made with love and shared by artist's around the world for quite a time now! I hope that mine won't disappointment!

Lastly, one more sneak peek at some progress on my art doll! Making headway but I still have quite a way to go! She will get there eventually! I have more to share and post but I am at the bottom of the page and I need to make a few blog rounds! I am going to sign off my blog until the end of the week to get some art time in! I find that every time I get on the computer and go perusing around or am making a post, I get caught up for hours! Like... my behind is Numb!!! ;-) I'll share again very soon!

Keep Pursuing Art, Life, and Dreams...


crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi lisa
oh those beach pix are amazing!! thank you for sharing beautiful pix of the west coast :)
love love oliver wendell!! isn;t pats art wonderful-
glad to have you stop by my blog
enjoy your day

beadbabe49 said...

wow...the beach shots you took at neskowin don't look anything like the ones I got two years ago in newport...I thought it would be the same forest, but I think not!
Did you add the faint image of trees in the sky? fantastic collage!
LOL...I don't get a numb butt but my feet go to sleep and I have to bang them around a bit before I can stand up!
Wise choice of weekends for your lovely visit...don't think this one will be quite as warm!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

WOW, what an adventure you went on! I'm truly ecstatic to read you went out of your comfort zone to visit with Bobbi, I'm sure she enjoyed it as much as you did. And you did it, you signed up for the 2008 BJP, I've been hoping you would!!! What a joyride you are on Lisa. Blog art world opened my world up to so many wonderful people, but crossing paths with you has been one of my favorite encounters (even tho through emails, posts). We'll take what we can get eh?!?!?! Have a great weekend you two, Monica :)

GraceBeading said...

Hi Lisa - great post! I really enjoyed all the photos, especially that first one - how did you get the image of trees in the background?

All that AND you got to meet and spend time with Bobbi - what fun!

Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful photos. I'm looking forward to seeing what is behind the sneak peeks too!

Pursuing Art... said...

Thank you for stopping by friends...I love it when you do!!!

Tammy~Glad you stopped by again and enjoyed the pix! Oliver Wendell is such a little sweetheart and Pat's work is wonderful! I'm looking forward to more of your photos too! Swing by anytime! ;-)

Bobbi~What did the forest look like in Newport? More or less? Add the faint image of trees in the sky? Are you kidding! LOL! I am such an amateur pix taker, I wouldn't even know how to do such a thing! The trees are barely showing on the rock in the background because of the ocean mist, I think! I'll share another photo so you can see the inlet better and those real trees! ;-) I'm so glad we caught that beautiful weather last weekend...this weekend it has snowed, hailed, rained, and even shown a peek of sunshine! Weird late April! Hope those strawberries are holding on for the ride! ~wink~

Monica~ We had a great time! I wouldn't have traded a thing for getting out of my comfort zone and introducing myself to Bobbi...we had a fun visit and she is DELIGHTFUL! She put a smile and spring in my step the rest of the weekend! I am on a joyride...I feel it in my heart and soul! I am so grateful to YOU! Without your push and friendship, I don't think I would have pushed myself to share, even though inside I wanted to! ;-)

Grace~I am always delighted when you stop by! Glad you enjoyed the post even though there wasn't much art to it, except my husbands and the two sneak peaks! Catch Bobbi's note above about the trees. ! Hope momma and babe are doing well and you too! ;-)

Thank you for putting yourself out there long before me. I feel I already know each of you from what you have shared, whereas, you are just beginning to know me. I am very fortunate to have met everyone of you! You have all inspired and influenced me!

It's been really fun to share and, believe me, I smile with joy when you swing by! ;-)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a lovely post. I DID check out that Van Gogh on You Tube (at your suggestion) it was great. I'm going to show it to Sabrina as soon as she gets up this morning.

What a view from your window - that beautiful moountain. We currently live in North Carolina and as soon as Sabrina goes to college we are heading out to Colorado for good. We are going out again this summer to attempt to find the perfect piece of property and the prerequisite???? You guessed it - MOUNTAIN VIEWS on at least two sides!!!

Love your doll (so far) and I'd love to trade for one of those little Dotees!!!

Have a creative weekend!!