Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A quick note! ;-)

Welcome Friends!

Here is my WIP on some of my Dotee dolls going to Pat Winters for the Comfort Doll Project! I just thought I would whip them up...HA!!! These little gals and everything I do, seem to take longer than my thought of just whipping something up! I do well that way cooking but not, necessarily so, with any art heart! I am very happy with them except I think a few of their faces might be a little big, but I think I can shrink them with sequins/beads! Just need to stitch the top closed and I am finally ready for the best part...to embellish them! ;-)

I'll share with you some shots of the flowers that are just beginning to bloom in our yard! I wish you could smell them! Ah...it's beginning to smell like Spring here! It is certainly a slow start to Spring weather than what we normally have. Colder and more rain than usual. Just wish the weather would truly stay warm for awhile with no rain or sprinkles!

Lavender and Lilac's!

Bluebells and Lily of the Valley just beginning to blossom!

And, here's one of the six little friends that visit each day! We LOVE our hummers, birds, squirrels, and all the wild life in our yard!!! We take good care of them and they return even greater joys to us!!! ;-)

We are off, in the morning, to celebrate our 31st Anniversary, a 50th Birthday, and Mother's Day, by taking a road trip down Highway 101 (West Coast Highway) from Oregon to California! A fun and leisurely trip for us both, full of lots of stops, places we haven't seen...even after living here all our lives, pictures, good food, holding hands, reminiscing, and a little kissing! ;-))

Our youngest son is staying here and taking care of home. We were hoping to see our oldest son, in San Francisco, but it looks like we aren't going to be able to go that far and catch up with him in the 7-8 days we have. We had wanted to get there, but his schedule and our time frame aren't looking very well this time. I feel okay about it though because he is going to fly home over Memorial weekend and be back again for a wedding he is in over the 4th of July! Things happen for a reason! I think scheduling another trip just to see him and enjoy San Francisco together will be something to look forward to!

I'll leave you with the one shot I could get of our Lily of the Valley beginning to bloom! We have a huge patch of them and the buds are on, but no blooms opening yet. Only this one section that we dug up and transplanted last year has begun to bloom so far! Maybe a little more sunshine than the others. I will share the big patch with you when we get home...I'll bet they will be blooming by then!!!

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!!

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.
~Oprah Winfrey~

Keep Pursuing Art...Life and Dreams!!!


beadbabe49 said...

Have a lovely trip, lisa!

and if you're in the area, going or coming, feel free to give me a call! I'll send you a quick email with the number.

Clevelandgirlie said...

Happy Mother's Day Lisa. What a lovely yard - the plants, the birds, the flowers - all so beautiful. Art at its finest - God's Art with the help of YOUR hands. Beautiful.

Oh, and the Dotee dolls on the platter -- look like yummy little Hors doeuvres. Mmmmmmmmmm!
Be safe and enjoy your family.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Lisa, it is always a fun day to cross paths with you & to see your art on platters is certainly a delicious treat for anyone's taste buds.

Thanks for stopping by, I missed YOU all! Time just seems to fly by these days but in a very joyful way. Buying a home is a lil strange after years of the military telling me what I can and can't put on the walls.. lol FREEDOM here I come. I'm sew sew ready. xo, Monica :)