Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Think Pink...Time to Donate...

The party over at Monica's, Girl Gone Thread Wild, is certainly underway and is so exciting! What a great journey it has been and the excitement of seeing our beautiful 'Love Squared' in print was thrilling! The photographs were stunning and the article was beautifully written! I feel so honored to be a part of this group of talented artists and so proud of Monica to see this huge project through. Her latest posts have been so touching and it will be such a treat for everyone to watch the dollars add up for Susan G. Komen for the Cure on her blog. And, so soon, October 17th, we will all know who the LUCKY winner will be of 'Love Squared' and the other winners of runner-up prizes too!!! I just know that the funds raised by October 15th will be amazing!

I finished getting my gifts ready for the Pink Artist Drawing. I made three scissor fobs, one for each pair of new embroidery scissors. They were each made with a sterling silver balloon clasp, pink/crystal/magenta Swarovski crystals, and a sterling silver heart charm. I chose a heart charm because I thought whoever may win...obviously has a big heart and supported this cause. Now, I just need to get a donation sent to Monica myself! ;-)

I had the worst time taking pictures of this for Monica. They kept turning out so dark and if I got the color and lighting of the beads correct, I couldn't seem to get the silver charm to be clear or vice versa! Tons of photos later and frustration, Mark made me a light box for trying to get a better photo. Still haven't found the perfect setting to capture it best, but it certainly brightened up the picture and was better than what I had captured before. So I'm still on the learning curve here when it comes to taking photos of beads and shiny things. But I am really grateful that Mark took the time to make me a box and see if it wouldn't help. I know in time, with more practice, I will get better at this!

I am hoping to get three small gifts mailed later this week and once they are off, I'll share a photo with you. I've been thinking of the BJP that is going to be starting in September and trying to really finalize my thoughts on that. I definitely need to do a little shopping for some fabric soon. As always, I have been beading and stitching ever chance that I can and always seem to have more than one project in the works! I am trying to rein that issue in a bit but haven't totally mastered it yet, but I know I need to! I hope you are all well and have been enjoying summer too!!!

On a sad note...you all know I have been working on Dotee dolls for awhile now. I am just finishing my 16th! I just saw the news on Dot's blog and am so sorry to have read what I did! I know she has had some hard times (lurker that I still have been) but I hope, as I know all of you feel, that things will brighten up and she will start her blog and her Etsy shop once again! She is so well thought of, by so many people, and her Dotee dolls are so famous! I just feel BAD that I haven't totally gotten over my intimidation problem and got off my BEHIND and introduced myself and left a comment on her blog. It was a reminder to me to 'GET OVER IT'!!! Just DO IT!!! I would have liked to have told her what an inspiration she has been to me and so many others and how her Dotee dolls have made so many people smile and so many people enjoy making them...including me! I would have liked to have thanked her for sharing! It was a wake up call to me that I needed! Life is short...don't hesitate to tell someone what they mean to you, what an inspiration they are, or how much you enjoy their art even if you don't know them. Even if she never responded to me...I would have felt better knowing I had told her how I felt. I hope she'll find the strength she needs right now and will share with us all again one day!!!

Keep Pursuing Art...Life and Dreams! ~Lisa ;-)


KV said...

Oh, Lisa -- these scissor adornments are so very special! What a lovely idea and prize . . .

Kathy V in NM

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Lisa, you go one with your baaaaad self grrrl! I'm having the most wonderful time catching up on your blog. I took a lil ME time this past week, but am finally returning from the land of OZ. Oh those photos you took on your trip are amazing!

Thank you again and again for the MAGIC you do!


~Monica :)

GraceBeading said...

Hi Lisa... the scissor fobs are wonderful! Have you seen the latest tally of the funds raised? It is amazing to watch it all and even more so to have been a part of it.

I'm excited to see what you come up with for the BJP, I know it will be incredible.

I was sad to see Dot's blog close too, but understand the need for space at times as well. Her Etsy shop is still open - last time I checked anyway. Here's the link http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=39873

Pat Winter said...

Oh dear, I do hope Dot is fine and well. I do not have access to her blog, but would like to tell her what an inspiration she has been to the comfort doll project. Her Dottee dolls are famous and many recipients I'm sure are loving their little treasures inspired by Dot.
Your fobs are wonderful , that was sweet. I just got around to donating, but now I must make something pink for a prize.I have a few things in mind, just have to settle and create.