Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stitched with Love and Hope...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Thoughts and actions have turned toward Christmas and the lights and decorations have begun here. It's hard to believe Christmas is in 23 days...it has come so fast this year!

A few months ago, I received a package from Monica containing some squares that were leftover from the Pink Artist Project. We were asked to make a 10" x 10" art quilt out of the squares we received. When done and sent back to Monica, she is going to do her 'MAGIC' and stitch the art quilts together and make one large wall quilt. The quilt will be sold with the proceeds going to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. I was honored to be able to help with this project and enjoyed stitching love and hope into this quilt. It was such a thrill to see and hold the art squares I received. You certainly could feel the love in each and every one! I can only imagine how Monica felt when she received hundreds of heartfelt art squares!!!

I had sketched and decided exactly how I wanted to do the quilt. My intentions were to do needle felting on each side. Intentions don't always work out! ~wink~ The needle felting worked out fine on the pink side but when it came to the red side, the shade of red roving did not go with the square nor the red and blue wool felt I had bought. What to do? I finally realized to just do what I had intended to do but with the felt only. So it evolved. I used a variety of 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads, triangle beads, and bugle beads. I added Antique French red flower/clover sequins, Vintage French sky blue white-heart seed beads, Antique French sky blue white-heart tile cylinder beads, 2 mm Swarovski crystals, and mother of pearl fuchsia heart buttons. I did 3-bead picot stitch around the red side and attached the white side to the back with 3-bead picot stitch also.

I hope I honored each artist and their squares that were sent to me. I'm looking forward to seeing all the art quilts stitched together! I know it will be just beautiful and will raise more money for such a worthy cause! Thank you Monica for including me in this project! I really enjoyed working on this piece!!!

"Keep Hope Alive" ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I received a wonderful package in the mail from my friend Tammy! Awhile back we decided to do a swap. Tammy created this beautiful book thong made with a bamboo tile. It is so light weight. She decorated the tile with birds on one side and bees on the other. Does that not have my name written all over it?! It is embellished with gold leaf around the edges, braided silk ribbon, and beautiful beads. I just love it! It immediately went into one of four books that have been sitting and waiting for me.

Inside the box were two more beautifully wrapped packages! She totally stunned and surprised me with this beautiful beaded doll!!! Isn't she wonderful? I just adore her!!! She is tiny, standing 3 inches tall, and Tammy made her face too. Check out the cute ruffle around her body! She certainly has Tammy's heart art written all over her. She also shared some lovely beads with me and not one that she shared do I have. They are beautiful and I'm looking forward to using them soon.

Tammy is a sweetheart and I always enjoy visiting her blog. She is a talented and fun gal who is always experimenting and trying something new. She is making soldered pendant/charms right now and I'm looking forward to seeing what she does with those. She shares wonderful pictures of 'Mom Nature" in Connecticut...her part of the world. If you have a chance, swing by and visit her!

Thank you Tammy!!! You are so generous and I am honored to own your heart art. I will treasure them always.

Isn't she a doll!!!

Well...back to beading and all that comes with the season! I hope you are finding the time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the holidays! ~Lisa


GraceBeading said...

wow... Wow... WOW...
Lisa they are STUNNING. I think my heart skipped a beat! I've been looking at them for the last 10 minutes. They are amazing, you have truly outdone yourself.

My hats off, I'm standing and clapping... WOW

GraceBeading said...

Wait... I meant to comment on the stuff from Tammy too, but I forgot after looking at the quilts.

Tammy is a sweet heart, and so very creative. The book thong and the doll are both wonderful.

Don't you just love great mail days???

crooked heart art~tabby said...

there you are girl!!!
oh your quilts came out amazing!!
fantastic job yes you did do them justice :)
awww shucks you are making me blush-now cut it out-vbg
nice to see grace show up too :)
enjoy your day lisa
big chilly hugs from the east
x's& o's

girl_gone_thread_wild said...


you worked your MAGIC grrl and then some! I KNEW Grace was going to FLIP when she saw UR creation... your MASTERPIECE! I held your piece in my hand, still in the wrapper... I knew it was going to be amazing ...I called Jeff to come SEE...we anticipated its unveiling...took caution when tearing back the packaging... AND WALLAH the angels came out singing when your block was exposed!!!

(the texture, the weight, the invigorating EXCITEMENT was too much for me)

Yes, I'm also VERY happy you changed yer mind and decided to play with us. Parade of block art coming soon!

your friend, monica :)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Holy cow! Oh my gosh! Wow!
Lisa - this is the most beautiful quilt block EVER. What a lovely assortment of squares you had to work with and you worked MAGIC. So, so pretty. Well done!

Dot said...

Hi sweetie

You have done a great job on your 10 x 10 quilt Lisa! It is really, really lovely. So pleased that we are in this project together.

And your package from Tammy is wonderful - her beaded doll is a treasure.

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments you left on my blog last week. I was so happy to read your lovely words.

Much love


Clevelandgirlie said...

I just had to come back and pay your lovely 10x10 a visit. I am so jealous - I really want to learn to bead like that. I am mesmermized. Tammy's dolll is gorgeous too. The work you guys do takes my breath away. Really.

Camilla La Mer-Art Dolls said...

Hi Lisa! I am so happy to find your site this morning! I wanted to let you know that I added you to my favorites right away. Off to work but can't wait to come back and pour over it in more detail this weekend...

Anonymous said...

it's a bit of a long story to tell you what brought me here, but I wanted to thank you for honoring so beautifully these leftover squares from the doll project.
The Love and talent you put into your work is so apparent!
Brightest of Blessings to you and yours oxoo