Saturday, May 30, 2009

Where the wild things are. . .

We have lots of crows that visit our yard everyday. I love watching them walk and waddle in their way...they are such smart birds!

Every now and then a ton of crows start squawking up a storm and flying in from all different directions toward the fir trees near us. It is always amazing! We always say they are having another 'Community Meeting'!!! Wish I had a better zoom lens. How many can you count in this one tree?

Little Anna hummingbird with a very long neck!

There she goes...

Just having a nibble of the suet that fell on the ground...

Are you taking pictures of me again?

Here you go you think his eyes look a little wild and intense...notice the white in his eyes! (CLICK TO ENLARGE!) I think he may be the! I was trying to take pictures of about six squirrels running and chasing each other around the other day. They were acting *wild*...literally! They were on the ground, the fence, the trees and even in the bamboo! I was beginning to get kind of nervous, especially when two went running right under my chair past my feet. At one point, there were about four squirrels in the ginkgo tree chasing each other all over and up and down and the gingko leaves were falling off the tree like snow. They were chittering away and making other weird sounds and this went on for a couple hours and I kept wondering *what* was going on!!! I grabbed my camera thinking maybe I could get a shot with more than one squirrel for a change, and when I started taking pictures...I *finally* realized *what* was going on and what I was taking pictures of!!! Love was in the air! ~wink~

Here's two of them needing a drink of water after running around like that!

And, here's one laying on the deck rail...needing a rest and pooped out for the day!!!

Happy Creating...will share more soon! ~Lisa ;-)


3rdEyeMuse said...

what a fun post! I love all of the critter shots & giggled when you finally figured out what the squirrels were up to. :)

about 3 gazillion crows, I think.

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hey lisa
great pic's!!
love your water fountain
funny i just realized what all that fun chasing around of the squirrels means too-giggle :)
thanks for sharing the beauty in your little corner of the world
x's & o's

beadbabe49 said...

hi lisa...what a beautiful corner of your the squirrels drinking from the fountain (clearly you don't have cats!) and we've had the crow community meetings every evening too, in one of the big firs in the park...sure wish I knew what they were saying!

Clevelandgirlie said...

I want your yard! It is so beautiful and how satisfying to know that you and Mark do the work yourselves and together. Isn't that a great feeling.

Now, that squirrel.
That is the fattest freaking squirrel I have ever seen. He looks like I feel!!!
What the heck are you feeding him?