Sunday, June 21, 2009

Giveaway Winners. . .

OK...don't laugh too hard! I decided to do a video of the winners for fun. I don't know what is getting into me in my old age...SERIOUSLY...but, I guess I'm just getting more brave and calm as time goes on. After sharing for 16 months...I told myself, Lisa...these are friends and you shouldn't feel funny or that everything has to be can do this. I can talk and laugh with you all online...but if you only knew how shy I really'd be amazed I would do this at all! I AM AMAZED that I would say let's just do it, my family was amazed, and for those of you who know a bit about me...I'm sure you are surprised too! It seems the older I get, the more I'm just accepting that what is...IS!!! ;-)

Anyhoo...I thought it would be nice to say hi face to face! It's pretty funny...I/we have never done a video on our camera that was pretty fun in itself and don't you dare look too mascara on today...but, again, what is...IS!*

It took three blooper right off the get go and a few laughs from us all! In hindsight, it certainly would have been better taking the video in the shade than in the bright sun. But, least my eyes are *open*, Grace!!! ~wink~ When Grace and I met, she found out how bad I am about closing my eyes every single time a picture is taken when I am included. It doesn't matter if there is a flash or not! I am *THE WORST* and you'd be lucky to find 1 in 30 pictures that my eyes are open! Truly, it's been a family joke forever... is the beginning and a blooper off the get go!!! ;-)

I feel terrible because I forgot to mention missing Monica too! You were missed and I wish you could have had the chance to swing by. But I totally understand that it's hard to get around and visit everybody and live too! Okay, so here we go. . .

Oops...the video stopped!!! Trying one more time to pick up where we left off!

So...the winners were:

2) Timaree of Freebirdsings
3) Kathy of Beady Zoo
5) Grace of Gracebeading
6) Diana DBA The Lone Beader

I'll email each of you in the order chosen to pick your gift. Once I've spoken to you all, I will mail off your gifts!

This was really fun! If you girls make something with your gifts, I'd love to see!!! I hope you've had a nice weekend. I'll catch up with you all and talk to you soon! ~Lisa


Carol said...

This was so cool. I am so technology challenged I wouldn't know where to begin to make and post a video here. My grandkids could probably show me though

Sorry I didn't win, but it was fun watching you and the consolation is that 4 out of 6 of the winners are my personal blogging friends. Glad they are yours also.

Have a wonderful day today.


GraceBeading said...

HA Lisa... you DID it! I enjoyed each and every one of the videos. Looks like the family had a few giggles as well and you look great. Bravo girl!

The Lone Beader said...

Awwww... thanks so much for including me!!! Your video is sweet! Wish I could meet you in person! :)

beadbabe49 said...

What fun! I love seeing you and blake and your gorgeous garden in the that you've got your feet wet I'll be expecting a garden tour video, lol!

Beady Zoo said...

You were brave -- and what a fun way to choose the names! Thanks to your assistant and the camera operator too, especially for taking the time out of Father's Day to do this.

Happy Beading!

Lynn said...

I'm still cracking up! That was so much fun! I'm with Bobbi-video garden tour!!! I am so happy I won-but even happier that our paths have crossed (and I'm really not just saying that).

Dot said...

Hi sweetie
Am so excited I won something in your give away! Am not able to watch the video's though(drat - it is my computer not yours).
Would have loved to have seen your smiling face.
Big hugs
Dot xx

freebird said...

You are so brave and you did a great job for a first try at a video. I know I would have messed up so many times there wouldn't have been enough time in one day to finish a video!

Micki said...

The videos were so nice and congrats to the winners!

3rdEyeMuse said...

that has to be the VERY BEST giveaway "drawing-of-the-names" video EVER!!

three cheers & well done! :)

Big congratulations to all the lucky, lucky winners!

Lynn said...

Lisa my love! I received my winnings and all the other awesome goodies- you are so sweet! Thank you so so much - come visit my blog when you get a moment, and you can see her progress so far ( HUGS!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I am shooting you dear LISA a much awaited and looong overdue email. You are just beautiful!!

Love you to pieces!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

AND I could never do what you did! You are my hero and everyone else's I am sure of it!

On camera, in front of camera is my weekness (too shy shy shy).


Clevelandgirlie said...

Okay, this is how wierd I am.
I'm in a hotel in Upstate New York, it's early morning, Blaise just went to wash the motorcycle (cause we were in rainy, muddy weather) and guess what I do? I went downstairs, poured myself some coffee, came upstairs and watched your videos.
Better than cable!
I love hearing your voice!!

venus said...
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