Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saying Hi...

I'm back to sharing a post and saying hi. August was a busy month and we've also been facing some changes in our life that didn't leave much time for sharing or creating. When faced with bumps in the road, it sure makes you slow down and remember all that is truly important and what you are grateful for.

August was a busy time spent with our boys, 26 and 21. They bought a house for an investment that closed on 8/5, and they received the keys on 8/7. It was fun and exciting for us to help them move and get settled into their home. They have two other friends living with them (4 bdrm) to help pay the mortgage for now. We don't know how long they will own this house (probably until one or the other finds his soul mate), but they are both good friends...good brothers...and are happy to own a home versus paying rent. It's definitely a bachelor pad with four guys living together...but a nice one! ;-)

During this time, I wasn't stitching like I normally do. I did squeeze in a few things, but not much. I began stitching again this past weekend...which is a good thing! Although I am finishing up my BJP's, I also have started a few new pieces that I am excited about and will share soon. I definitely will be contributing one or two of them to the Harvest of Hope. It is a charity fundraising dinner/auction benefiting Candlelighters For Children With Cancer, a non-profit organization that provides support, education, advocacy and hope to the families whose lives have been affected by childhood cancer. If you are interested in contributing a piece for the silent auction, which is October 24th, please visit their web site for the details.

We've been enjoying plenty from our garden this summer and are still eating lots of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. The change in season is definitely upon us...the evening and morning air is cool and the maples are beginning to turn color. The hottest days are behind us, thank goodness, but I'm sure not ready for the sunshine to go. My camera is always near and dear to me and I thought I'd share a few pictures of what's been blooming.

I planted lots of different sunflowers this year. The Mammoth sunflowers are huge and are about 12 feet tall. We have cut some flower heads down and are drying them to later share with the birds and squirrels.

These sunflowers are Velvet Queen and Lemon Queen. They are about 6 feet tall and have provided many big and cheerful bouquets through the summer. I just love them!

I made two more sunflower brooch/pendants for friends and here is a picture of one. These are a bit different from my last post because I made them both bigger and bolder. I was lucky to buy four of these buttons and thought that now is the perfect time to share them. I used the same amber/topaz AB vintage beads and 2 mm Swarvoski copper cystals, but I used Japanese 11/0's and 15/0 true cuts this time to peyote stitch around the Czech glass button.

I planted purple morning glory and it did really well this year. I love the glow of light that shines from the inside of these flowers and their heart shaped leaves!

Up close and personal is a bumble bee enjoying the Liatris (gayfeather).

Oriental Lilies...they are beautiful and very fragrant.

We've enjoyed many twilight skies from our deck...

and a few sunrises too. Always the reminder that it's a new day!

Hope you are doing well and I'll see you soon! Keep smiling...~Lisa


Clevelandgirlie said...

Yay!!! She's back. Oh how I've missed you and your wonderful photographs, quips, and beads.
Those are some magnificient sunflowers and the brooch - gorgeous. And those Oregonian sunsets - breathtaking.
I do hope whatever bumps you have been experiencing aren't too terribly uncomfortable. We've had our own bumps over here - more like sinkholes. Gizmo has been having seizures - my heart is sick with worry. We've had testing done and are awaiting the results. Life is at a standstill.
Your post made me smile - thank you.

Carol said...

Hi!! Nice to see you post. I love the pics of your flowers. The colors are so vibrant. I have a special love of purple flowers. They are always my first choice. We also have a spot to plant sunflowers each year. I love to watch the birds flying in and out of the patch.

Glad your boys are settled in. We all await pics of your current projects.

XX, Carol

beadbabe49 said...

I was so excited to see your name on my blogline this morning! and really happy to hear you've been sewing again...yay! Love, love, love the sunflower photos! Chuck grew some one year and we really loved them, but the space is now used by our neighbor and we don't really have another space that gets enough sun for them.
Thanks for the link to the childrens' cancer auction...I'll have to see what I can send...sure is a good cause!
Ok...will be sending you my reply to your email this week....have been thinking of you and your guys a lot this summer...love and hugs

The Lone Beader said...

Your sunflower brooch is beautiful!!

GraceBeading said...

Those sunflower pins are to die for! So glad you're participating in the Harvest for Hope again this year. I'd love to go, but it's just too close to the Tahoe trip, but I'd sure love to come back. I've thought of that place we had lunch many times... what a great day!

Micki said...

I was glad to see your post, and the pics of the flowers were amazing!

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely, lovely photos Lisa, and I really like the two different varieties of sunflower! The pin is gorgeous. Best wishes. Lesley

Dot said...

Sorry Lisa - don't know how I missed this gorgeous post! I know you have been going through a difficult time lately and you have been very much in my heart. And constantly in my thoughts. You are a very brave and special person and I know things will turn around soon.
Your photo's are gorgeous (I am so grateful you sent some of them to me). And I adore the sunflower pin you made for me - you do such gorgeous work.
It must be lovely to eat produce from your garden...fresh tomatoes are the best..
Look forward to seeing your new art too!
Much love from me to you.
Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S Love those 2mm Swarovski crystals you used on my sunflower pin.

Beady Zoo said...

Good to see a post -- and more lovely pictures -- from you. Hope the bumps in your life have gone away, and that everything is smooth sailing as we head into fall.

Love the purple morning glory & sunflowers, especially the "Lemon Queen."

Congrats to the two new homeowners! How exciting for all of you.

Hope to see you soon!

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

lisa lisa LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow you sure have been the busy girl!!! so nice to see your garden-it was a cool wet summer here not good for the gardens can you believe that i did not get one good tomato out of the garden-they all just turned to mush!! ick.. sigh...
your sunflower brooches are stunning!!!!!!!!!!! (as are the real things!) and i am loving your little birds
thanks for the shout out on your video so nice to hear your voice!you gave me my smile for the day
and i missed your blog-a-versary-nuts oh well next time
glad to be back and hope to talk to you soon
x's & o's
p.s.congrats to your boys!!!
alas mine just moved 5 hours north to vermont its all good but oh how i miss him...

penny patten said...

Your sunflower pin is very pretty, I first saw it on Monica's blog. I participated in part one. Love your photos too!