Sunday, January 17, 2010

January in Oregon...

Thank each of you for your sweet comments on my last post. Today we put the names in a bowl for the Hill Tribe Picture Pendant Kit and Mark pulled...Monica, of Girl Gone Thread Wild! Congratulations! I will send you an email and get this wrapped up and on its way to you.

I've been wanting to share a few pictures with you. I was so excited to get the first two! We feed the hummingbirds all year. Often when I clean and refill the feeder, Mark will step out on the deck and stand still holding the feeder before hanging it on the hook. Sure enough the hummer will come and land when he is holding it. I've tried a few times to get a picture and finally did! Here he comes!!!

He's checking Mark out and saying, "aren't I cute?"

We've been having some hawks showing up and hanging around. This hawk had his feathers splayed and was so neat to see. Not the greatest photos, wish I could zoom in closer!

This one is neat! The hawk is sitting in the birch tree with feathers splayed, a blue jay sitting on a branch above and an old squirrel nest to the right.

These hawks are around often and slowly circle and circle looking for food. They are huge.

We've bundled up a few times, when it's not raining, and have headed to the river and a few nearby parks with the camera in tow.

White geese on the Willamette River.

Ducks and geese on the Willamette River, at George Rogers Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Geese flying overhead against the clear blue sky.

We took this shot of Mount Hood, down the road from our home. We are just missing the view of it from our living room by a stand of large fir trees. It's the highest peak in Oregon.

This is a picture of Willamette Falls and the old Oregon City Bridge. Oregon City is the oldest American city west of the Rocky Mountains and is the end of the Oregon Trail.

Beautiful trails that run through the woods along the Willamette River in George Rogers Park, Lake Oswego, Oregon. It was so refreshing to go for a nice long walk.

Oregon's rain produces beautiful moss and ferns in the forest.

Just one sneak picture for today. . . ;-)

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Happy creating!! See you soon...~Lisa


Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Monica!!!

Lisa, what a beautiful bird pictures you made. The look really special. Hope you are doing ok? Me, I am dead tired from blog camp but it was a lot, lot of fun.

And what is cooking in you creative cooking hours. I couldn't really see it.

Well, I see you later.

Carol said...

Hi Lisa
I saw your last post at work and had to come back to comment and forgot to. Just want you to know how gorgeous I thought all your pieces were. Man! you were busy!

I absolutely love this post with all your pics of wildlife, especially the hawks that I love so much.

I'll have to try holding a feeder and see if a hummer will come to it. Terry was sitting on the porch last summer and a wren landed on his stomach! Terry sat still and when it looked at him the bird seemed suprised for a second, then flew off. Cool.

I never realized how beautiful your area is.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Hi Lisa, what lovely photos for January from Oregon - thanks for sharing, I love mountains. Bye for now, Lesley

Jacky said...

Congratulations to Monica! Lovely piece of handmade jewellery (that was my favourite piece too).

Your photographs are wonderful! Love the birds and their plumage, the old Orgegon Bridge (do love architecture) and the statuesque Mt. Hood. Lovely to share your part of the world.

Jacky xox

*~tabby~* crooked heart art said...

hey girl!!
congrats to monica :D that is a beautiful piece!!
your pics are wonderful-i have yet to try to see if the hummers will come to my feeder if i wait and hold it-how cool is that!
and your hawk is the same one that hunts at my feeders-i think its a coopers hawk-but i am not sure
i took a walk on sunday it felt great and the fresh winters air was invigorating
thank you for sharing beautiful oregon
hope you are well
enjoy your day
tammy :D

Lynn said...

Hey there, a little birdie -- no, not the hummer :) -- told me it is your birthday ! Happy day to you my friend! I hope it is the start of your best year yet!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

I always look forward to your "nature photography," Lisa. Beautiful, beautiful birdie pictures. And now I must ask, "what the heck is that?" that you are making now? It's not nice to tease.

Anonymous said...


What beautiful pictures...Truly a site to behold...makes me want to pick up a brush and paint them. Nah...too busy playing Farmville...hate that

Is what you are making a secret? us more.



Beady Zoo said...

Lisa, love the pics of the birds & Oregon scenery. The old Oregon City bridge is so photogenic.

So what is that in your sneak peak? Is it your BJP? inquiring minds ;-) Hope all is well there ...

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I wear YOUR beauty with great pride.. and smile at the compliments that folks EYES give when they see it! It really is one of my favorite and most treasured pieces.. thank you!

xo, m :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I wear YOUR beauty with great pride.. and smile at the compliments that folks EYES give when they see it! It really is one of my favorite and most treasured pieces.. thank you!

xo, m :)

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

p.s. OO, I know what that surprise is!!!!

beadbabe49 said...

I can't believe I forgot to comment on this post but I did! Must have been half asleep or something...anyway...gorgeous photos and work, as always! It's good to see you're busy but not toooo busy!