Monday, June 9, 2008

A Chorus Line!

I finally finished and mailed a bakers dozen to Pat for the Comfort Doll Project this past Thursday! As you know, Pat collects and sends these dolls to women's shelters across the U.S. I felt it was a great cause and something I certainly could help with and contribute to! I hope this small gift brings a smile and warms the heart of those that receive them. I hope it will remind them that they are special people, someone is thinking of them, and that there is hope and love out in this world! The Comfort Doll Project is not quite a year old and Pat has sent 22 dozen and soon to be 23 dozen dolls out into the world! I told Pat that I thought she was an 'angel' to organize such a worthy and thoughtful project! I have to admit that I learned two lessons! What I thought would be...just whipping them up and the time it takes me to 'whip up' are two different things! And, never tell someone that you think they'll be on their way in a couple weeks!!! I apparently have "overzealous" written across my forehead!

I was disappointed in my pictures...too dark and I didn't really capture any bead work on the bodies. Our weather has been cloudy and raining for a couple weeks and I took these outside because usually that's where I get the best lighting. Not this time! I do think that we need to make a light box and play around with the camera! Capturing beads and their colors, I'm finding, is not always very easy. And, these little gals kept turning and moving in the breeze. I kept telling myself to hurry up before it starts raining, which it began to sprinkle as I was putting them back in their box! Not the best photo session!

This is the sky that was looming over us at the time! Our weather has not been pleasant these past few weeks! Cooler than normal and wet! We managed to till and get our garden in a week ago, but barely...the soil has been so wet. The plants are spreading their roots but they are all just sitting idle waiting for the sunshine! Usually we plant our garden Mother's day weekend but not this year. It has been unseasonably cool. It even snowed six inches this past week on Mt. Hood! Our rivers are brimming and the cottonwood is flying. It is 56 degrees, cloudy and raining right now. Oh man, will it be nice when the sunshine sticks around!!!

Some flowers in my yard that are blooming here now! At least my flowers bring cheeriness and brightness when it is so gray! ;-)

This handsome man is my youngest son, Spencer, who just bought a new motorcycle on Saturday! He drove home to come show it off! Oh, the nervousness and worry in your heart watching your son on a bike! GULP!!! I reminded him, I'm sure too many times for his liking, with a big hug and kiss to be safe...this isn't like falling down and skinning his knee and that mom and dad want him around!!! Along with all the other reminders...I'm sure he was ready to get out of here! But he knows how much we LOVE him!!! The one good thing will be gas savings!

Well, I've rambled on long enough and am off to complete a few more projects! I've been tagged by Bobbi at Beading at the Beach and will post that in a little bit! Have a good week!


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oo, I'll swap you for the sticky, muggy MESS we've been experiencing for WEATHER. ;)

Vrry handsome indeed, your son.

The lil dotees are PERFECT! I totally hear YOU, I often FIGHT with my pics, but I GET the beauty you have created. Pat will LOVE these as do I.

xo, Monica :)

beadbabe49 said...

it's supposed to be looking up a bit starting on wednesday...IF the weatherperson has got it right this time!

spencer is a cutie and will love the gas mileage on the bike!

I'm always learning new ways of photographing beadwork but the photos still aren't up to the originals!

Clevelandgirlie said...

What a great post. "A Chorus Line" how appropriate for your little chorus of Dotees.What a wonderful gesture of kindness. You can now cross that off your to do list and move on to the next wonderful project11

Pat Winter said...

Your dolls are adorable. They arrived smiling and a few flew off to Virginia already. Thank you very much for your generous Comfort Doll donation. Thank you for my own special doll. I love her and she seems happy among her new friends.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

What fun to pop in again and be greeted with the cuddly lil cuties here...

I wanted to shoot you over a BIG FAT thank you for the b-day wishes and for making this chica SMILE the entire day with your comment! Lisa, it is a HIGH to flip through the notes left, but to be given a hug from the bead goddess herself (YOU!!!), well that was the best GIFT!

xo, Monica :)

Dot said...

You really are a sweetheart. Making 12 Dotee's for Pat's comfort doll project. Bless your generous heart.

I loved seeing photo's of 12 Dotee's hanging in a row. And all packaged up ready to go.

Your generous spirit has bought a HUGE smile to my heart.