Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally fluffing up around here...

Well, I finally sat down and fluffed up this blog! I've been meaning to work on it and finally took the time today! It feels much better having a little color and a picture in my header! Something must have changed in Blogger, because when I tried to put a picture in my header when I started this blog (February 29th), we kept messing around with the size and it still was too big. Gave up! Tried again today and there is a new button that will shrink your picture to size! I stumbled around and got the buttons I needed for the Pink Artist Drawing up and the Comfort Doll Project that I just contributed to. A little satisfaction! ;-)

I have been working these past few weeks...not sitting around eating chocolates!!! ;-) I did finish a Dotee doll for a friend and got a package sent that was overdue! In my excitement of putting it together, I forgot to take a picture of the Dotee that I included for her! I told her that I forgot and she kindly sent me a picture with her hanging on this beautiful hand mannequin! I beaded the batik fish in silver lined 15's (blue, green, and silver), used 2 mm Swarovski Crystal AB for the eye's, topped her hair with abalone shell flower beads with the 2 mm AB crystals, and strung the top and bottom with 4 mm AB crystal and light blue crystal with a sterling silver seahorse hanging on the bottom. It was so fun to put together another box of goodies and have another thing on my wish list accomplished!

I still am working diligently on other beading projects which I wish I could share...but I will when they are on their way to their owners. I also am going to start working on a few gifts for the Pink Artist Drawing next week! I will share these as soon as they are done.

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog and I have...somewhat! The sun is beginning to shine here, finally, and my yard, my garden, the blue sky, the warmth of the sun, the birds and critters...are all calling me!!! I can tell that summer will be my slowest time to post because I eat up the warmth we get in the summer in Oregon!!! ;-) It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest, so when the weather turns is a big thing!!! We all get out and enjoy everything Oregon is about! So I want you to know...I'm not ignoring you!!! I'm just probably soaking up some warmth...tending to my garden and weeds...listening to the birds...watering my yard, visiting the river...having great BBQ dinners on the deck with husband, family, and friends...listening to music...and beading outside, as often as I can, where I can enjoy the fresh sky...and all the sights and sounds! ;-)

Come take a walk with me and I'll share some of my yard with you and you can see what is blooming now...

A good friend stopped by for a cool drink in the 'three graces' fountain!

Rock rose and a bee!

Black and blue salvia...the Hummingbirds love these!

Tiger lilies in bloom...

And my old sign that I painted years ago that I still love...even though I can think of all different ways I'd do it now...;-)

I had a special mail week too! I will share that with you soon! Right now I need to get myself prepared because I have Jury Duty tomorrow!!! Hopefully, I will get LUCKY and they won't be interested in me! I'll talk to you soon...if I survive!

Hope you are enjoying some sunshine and the nature that is around you!!! We are in for high 90's this weekend!

~Keep Pursuing Art...Life and Dreams!



girl_gone_thread_wild said...

All that fluffing paid off, your blog looks incredible! Love the bloomings & wow our button looks GOOD here! :)

Blogs are a lot of work, eh? lol

I'm always wanting MORE color.

I wonder if I'll ever be pleased with how mine looks? -laughs-

I'm certainly glad you did start blogging, I'd be SHOT if you caught me peeking in your windows like I do here. :)

xo, Monica :)

Clevelandgirlie said...

Wow Lisa - your blog looks fantastical! You've been a busy girl. Now get outside and do some of that gardening. I've had my second harvest - when we got back from vacation - holy cow! I've got cucumbers the size of small watermelons - no kidding. I'll be putting up pics. Enjoy your Oregon!

Pat Winter said...

Whoops! I commented on the wrong post.I love the rock rose and bee. I set it as my wallpaper. Thanks!

KV said...

Gosh, that banner photo is awesome! I so enjoyed reading this post and the rest of your photos, too . . .

Kathy V in NM

GraceBeading said...

Wonderful photos! And I love your Dotee doll, aren't they fun???

Your header pic is amazing, thanks for sharing so much of your garden!