Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good friends...

My friend Cathie, of Clevelandgirlie, held a contest on her blog not long ago for a beautiful padfolio and needle case that she made. The names of the players that chose the CORRECT amount of items and what they were, were put in a bowl and drawn to win the padfolio and all those that played...their names would be put in a bowl for a drawing for the needle case. My name was drawn by her beautiful daughter, Sabrina, that shares her mom's artistic talents, as the second place winner of the needle case! I was floored, to say the least, as 'luck' and 'win' are not something that normally happen to me. Her gift arrived last week and it is just BEAUTIFUL!!! Cathie hand painted the fabric with deep purple and copper metallic Lumiere textile paint, appliqued a gold painted and stamped sun on the front, the lining is an iridescent Dupioni silk, the needle pages are a beautiful gold wool, and just stunning thread work to match! It just shines, radiates warmth, and I love it! My needles will be traveling in STYLE...even when I'm at home! If you haven't seen Cathie's blog or her work, go check it out! I always enjoy visiting her and seeing what she is sharing and creating! She always ventures out there and tries something different and I love that! And, Cathie...Thank You Again!!! I will cherish this needle case and I am honored to have a piece of your beautiful heart art!!! ;-) My needles will be traveling in style!!! And, I don't want to embarrass myself on how terrible I did on the contest, however, I was one who picked the glasses...NOT a 'sewing' TOOL...but a 'tool' I need to sew with!!! LOL at myself! And, I don't know why I didn't recognize the shiny thimble!...H E L L O Lisa! ;-)

It is really not my style to share, per se, what I purchase...but I have decided to share a few things with you! I ordered these wonderful little gals from my friend Monica, at Girl Gone Thread Wild, quite awhile ago! She knew I was in no hurry for them, as my plate is full. I just adore the sitting dolls with their legs crossed and was looking for something special because I wanted to make a beaded face from a pattern I bought awhile ago, from Anne Hesse. Aren't these dollies just DARLING!!! They enjoyed coming outside on a sunny day for a little sunshine and their photo shoot! They are stitched so nicely and stuffed so well! If you ever desire any dolls, or other wonderful art, you need to visit Monica's Etsy shop! I'm so grateful that I did!!!

And, YEP...I stumbled upon this pillow that I had fallen in love with from Monica's blog on her Etsy shop!!! GULP!!! Right in front of me was my favorite pillow! I told myself to hit PAY... right now... as it will be gone in another minute! I know...it was a little impulsive, but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I believe there is a reason that I happened to click on her shop and find this pillow that she had just posted! It is so Monica, but it just had my name written all over it and I adore it! ;-)

Then my friend, Bobbi, at Beading at the Beach, had this BEAUTIFUL beaded dread girl pin in her Etsy shop that I had been wanting to purchase for awhile! But my guilt of just indulging in MYSELF took over. Mark kept telling me to just do it and I kept watching her! Then one day, I was determined to adopt her and I went to her blog and her Etsy shop wasn't there! GULP!!! I wrote her and politely, ~wink~, asked her where her shop went and if she still happened to have the dread girl pin...because I wanted to purchase her! She arrived this past week and she is AWESOME!!! I love the color of the beads, her beautiful face, and her wild dreads! She just shimmers with light and I absolutely adore it! If you are interested in some beautiful bead jewelry or pins...go visit Bobbi's shop!!! You will be grateful that you did!!! ;-)

I don't normally shop so impulsively, however, I told myself...you know what...life is short...and I couldn't have spent money on anything else that could make me happier and that I absolutely will cherish! Each item on this post is from a friend that I treasure!!! Your art work is stunning and I am grateful to have a piece of each of you around me!

I've indulged in myself, am in need of nothing, and I'm very blessed! But now...I need to rein it in and get back to work!!! I hope you all...good friends...are well and enjoying the sunshine!

Keep pursuing art...life and dreams! ~Lisa ;-)


beadbabe49 said...

Love your new banner photo...I missed seeing it until now...
The needlebook you won is gorgeous...I may have to look into adding different fabrics to my stash.
And I love the monica dolls...you'll be beading the faces on them, is that the plan? They'll be awesome, I bet!
and thanks for giving the dread girl a good home!

Clevelandgirlie said...

You have been a busy girl - enjoying life, love, friendships and beautiful art. Love your recent purchases - the dollies, the pillow and the jewelry. How cool to have such treasures from artists whose work you so admire.
You are a wonderful, interesting and talented person Lisa and I am so happy to have met you.

Clevelandgirlie said...

P.S. Soooo happy you are enjoying your needle case!

GraceBeading said...

Wow... so many treasures and from treasured people - even better! Doesn't Cathie do amazing stuff with fabric? Congrats on your win of the needle case, it's beautiful. Her drawings are so much fun.

I've been a huge fan of Monica's doll forms since I discovered beaded dolls. She does such a wonderful job in picking the fabrics then stuffing them to absolute perfection - for my beading anyway! And that pillow, WOW - it is amazing. Good for you for not waiting and just buying it because you liked it.

Bobbie's face pin is captivating, she creates some real beauties. And I say... HOORAY for Mark! Cast the guilt to the wind and indulge away, life is too short, you should have everything you want!

freebird said...

Scrolling down to see what other goodies you have on your blog. What do you mean you shouldn't indulge yourself. I have just scrolled past charity objects you've made and gifts for friends. You certainly deserve something you like and while getting it you support another artist. She is a cute pin isn't she!?